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  • The app and its functions must not be used in an abusive manner. In case of a violation of current law or our terms and conditions, we reserve the right, to exclude you from taking part in playing AMP.
  • Liability due to intent or purpose or negligence is strictly limited to degrees provided by German law. Liability due to negligence is only applicable in case of violation of cardinal duties.
  • Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.
  • The copyright for all elements of AMP is held by AMP Game UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
  • A commercial use of AMP by users is prohibited.
  • Changes, alterations and additions to the program of any sort are prohibited.
  • We reserve the right to exclude players from AMP in cases of repeated or grave violation of common (n)etiquette. This includes especially but not exclusively threats, insults, calls for violence, etc.
  • We explicitly want to point out, that trespassing, breaking and entering and other illegal behaviour is in no way encouraged or supported by AMP!
  • We take no responsibility for messages or links attached to the AMPs' histories by the users.



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